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Kai Tocher

Kai PFP 2.jpeg

Experience: 10 Years
Specialization: Handpan Drum, Tongue Drum, Ukulele, Guitar, Piano & Vocals

Being with Kai is easy, calming and ultimately chill. He’s rarely seen without his Ukulele and a song to work on. He has experience with a wide range of instruments 

and styles. With over 10 years playing kit drums and percussion Kai has a foundation in rhythm yet is well versed in guitar, piano, harmonica and some world instruments (ex: hand pan). 

Kai’s main instruments are ukulele and voice with special training from Hawaiian Ukulele master Kimo Hussey. 


Kai has a diploma in music therapy, is a jazz studies  music student at CapU, a yoga instructor and has worked as a caregiver for people with physical and mental health challenges. 

He also has a variety of music camp and workshop experience, including years of private lessons. Kai teaches to what you love about music, he understands how to apply musical tools and theory to real songs and can help evolve your listening and playing. 


Kai loves to connect over music’s power to educate, heal, facilitate improvisation and improve connection. Kai is especially passionate about the music genres of jazz, blues, rock, soul, funk, indie, folk, bluegrass and singer-songwriter. 

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