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Welcome to Mechanics of Music!

We're thrilled to welcome you to our community! Get ready to learn, and make music in a supportive and fun environment.

Tips for Maximizing Progress

Here are some tips to help you maximize your progress and enhance your learning experience:

  • Trim Your Nails - Keep your nails neatly trimmed to facilitate smooth and precise finger placement on the fretboard.

  • Arrive Early - Come a few minutes before the scheduled start time to settle in, tune your instrument, and prepare for the lesson.

  • Tune Your Instrument - Ensure your instrument is tuned before each practice session and lesson.  Less time tuning allows for more time to learn.  

  • Takes Notes! - Make sure to have a paper and pencil ready.

  • Stay Organized! - We recommend bringing a binder, some dividers and page protectors for all of your songs and notes. 

  • Ask Questions - Regularly communicate with your teacher about your progress, challenges and goals. 

  • Record Yourself - Record voice memos of songs and riffs to remember them. Learning songs you enjoy can keep you motivated. 


Before Your Lesson: Pre-Class Stretching

Taking just a few minutes to stretch before class not only prevents potential strains, but it also sets a positive tone for your practice session.

  • Flexibility for Fingertips - Gently stretch and flex your fingers, promoting increased agility and precision when playing your instrument.

  • Release Tension in Strumming Arm - Loosen up your arms with gentle stretches. This enhances circulation and helps prevent stiffness and promotes smoother playing.

  • Unwind Your Shoulders and Neck - A few shoulder rolls and neck stretches go a long way in releasing tension built up from the day.

  • Activate Core Muscles - Engage your core with light stretches to maintain good posture during your class.


YouTube Video Tutorials

At Mechanics of Music, we've created interactive tutorials to complement your learning. Follow along at your own pace, and play along with our instructors as you progress through each lesson.


Community Events

At Mechanics of Music, we believe music is the ultimate way to connect the community. Check out some of the events below and join other students for some fun!


Thank you for joining our community!

We're thrilled you've joined our school! Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, we hope you have an amazing experience with us!

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