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Ross Fairbairn

Ross PFP.webp

Experience: 4 Years
Specialization: Ukulele, Guitar, Banjo, Bass & Beginner Piano

Ross Christopher Fairbairn was bitten by the music bug very early on in his life and has immersed himself in it every day since. Sure, there have been forays into web development (he holds a bachelor degree in Information Technology) and other such academic sundry, but music has always been his true calling.

As a traveling musician over the last 10 years, Ross has played right across the country on a range of instruments from ukulele to guitar, from kazoo to euphonium (think small tuba) and upright bass to banjo. If it has strings (or valves) on it, Ross will figure out how to play music with it! With passion!

That’s where Ross’ teaching comes in. He brings that same passion for music to every lesson on every instrument and if you are between the ages of 6 and 100, come let Ross share that passion with you as you learn the new instrument you’ve always wanted to play.

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