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Your First 13 Ukulele Lessons

Join Kaitlin as she takes you through your first 13 ukulele lessons.

Lesson 1: Ukulele Overview, How to Hold, How to Strum

Lesson 2 [Part 1]: How to Play Chords on a Ukulele

Lesson 2 [Part 2]: How to Play Chords on a Ukulele

Lesson 3: How to Play Happy Birthday (C, F, G7)

Lesson 4: Intro to Strumming Patterns (Patterns #1 - #7)

Lesson 5: How to Play You Are My Sunshine

Lesson 6: How to Read Tabs & Play Happy Birthday

Lesson 7: Musical Alphabet & The Ukulele Fretboard

Lesson 8: Reading Music

Lesson 9: The C Major Scale

Lesson 10: Play Along - This Land is Your Land

Lesson 11: How to Use a Pick (and why!)

Lesson 12: Play Along - Riptide

Lesson 13: Ukulele Books I Recommend

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All ages welcome, it's never too late to learn something new!

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