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Registration for Fall classes is now open! 

If you are looking for an excellent music teacher, look no further than Kaitlin Deavy! She is a practicing musician and an accomplished teacher. I would highly recommend Kaitlin to anyone looking to learn to play an instrument or take their technique to the next level.
- Eden P.
Kaitlin is an excellent teacher. She is kind, fun, and knowledgeable. She supports my little one in the early basics of learning piano and celebrates her achievements - building my daughter's enthusiasm for the piano. I highly recommend Kaitlin to anyone and am looking forward to joining her ukulele group myself!
- Tammy D.
I was a little worried that, as a mature student, I would find it difficult to grow in my ability to read and play music. I was wrong, because my instructors took a thoughtful and positive approach to accommodate my learning style.
- James B.


From mechanical engineer to music teacher and musician, Kaitlin Deavy started Mechanics of Music with a passion to bring joy to music lessons, taking something stressful and make it exciting for every student. She then developed a unique ukulele product bundle - The Everything You Need Ukulele Bundle - which was carefully curated to help ukulele enthusiasts everywhere have access to the best products and services in one easy set.

Our team is full of talented instructors with over a dozen different classes offered. We understand just how important it is to adapt to our students' needs. Our goal is to make music lessons fun and accessible for all ages; that includes seniors, children, and everyone in between.

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